Lotteria, "Rib Sand Pork" where you can enjoy solid pork
Rib sand pork

Lotteria's "Rib Sand Pork" has been renewed and will be reprinted and sold as a regular menu from March 12th. Pre-sale will begin on March 6th at 6 stores in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

"Rib Sand Pork" has been on sale since 1984, but it will be discontinued in 2019. The overall balance will be reviewed and it will be reintroduced again. The selling price is 440 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Pork patties that look like ribs are seasoned only with salt and black pepper so that you can feel the original taste of pork, and they are baked on an iron plate. The feature is that the original BBQ sauce and honey mustard sauce are combined with this.

The BBQ sauce is made with several kinds of spices that hide chutney and mustard, and is smoked with a smoky scent of hardwood of the walnut family called hickory.

Honey mustard sauce is characterized by its spicy spiciness using Argentine honey. In addition, it is sandwiched between lettuce and sliced onion in soft French bread with whole grain flour that has a wheat flavor.

"Double Rib Sand Pork" with two layers of pork patties will also be available so that you can enjoy the flesh more. This is 590 yen.

Lotteria, "Rib Sand Pork" where you can enjoy solid pork
Double rib sand pork

For a limited time from March 12th to May 13th, there will be a campaign where all sets including the "Furu Pote" set will be discounted by 50 yen from the regular price.