Matsunoya "Mapo tofu and set meal"

At Tonkatsu stores Matsunoya and Matsunoya stores (excluding some stores), "Mapo tofu and set meal" and "Cajun roast and set meal" will be revived at 3:00 pm on February 26th.

"Mapo tofu and set meal" and "Cajun loin and set meal", which were popular last year, are back! "Mapo tofu and set meal" is a menu with a strong taste impact that uses "black sauce", which is based on "mapo tofu" and is characterized by the spiciness of the tongue and the scent of Chinese pepper (Hua Jiao). "Cajun loin and set meal" is finished with a stimulating spiciness that uses plenty of special "spicy sauce" that uses plenty of chili peppers and garlic.

Matsunoya "Cajun loin and set meal"

In addition, "Maba large-sized fillet and set meal" and "Cajun large-sized fillet and set meal", which have a moist and soft texture, will be released at the same time. It is a set meal that is irresistible for spicy food lovers.

The price and lineup are as follows (all including tax).

Mao loin or set meal (with rice and miso soup) 650 yen Mao large-sized fillet and set meal (with rice and miso soup) 850 yen Keijan loin and set meal (with rice and miso soup) 650 yen 850 yen

* Can be taken home. When you take it home, you can add miso soup for 80 yen separately.