Lawson "Low-Carb Bread" Series

A strong ally when you want to eat bread anyway while limiting sugar! Following on from the first installment , the author, who is loosely restricting sugar, actually tried five low-carbohydrate breads sold by Lawson.

■ Cheese and ham fluffy bread
"Cheese and ham fluffy bread" is made by wrapping cheese cream based on ham and Gouda cheese in a fluffy white dough and then steaming it moistly. It comes in 2 pieces and the price is 105 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Cheese and ham plump bread"
Plump bread with cheese and ham

[Cheese and ham plump bread (per piece)]
・ Calories 87kcal
・ Protein 3.1g (0.04oz)
・ Lipid 4.2g (0.07oz)
・ Carbohydrate 9.6g (0.21oz) (sugar 8.9g (0.32oz) dietary fiber 0.7g (0.25oz))
・ Salt equivalent 0.5g (0.18oz)

Lawson "Cheese and ham plump bread"

The plump, moist and steamed bread has a texture similar to that of Chinese steamed buns. The saltiness and richness of ham and Gouda cheese cream go perfectly with the plump dough. Wrap it softly in plastic wrap and heat it in the microwave for a while.

■ Moist roll of pork wiener and cheese
"Moist roll of pork wiener and cheese" that combines coarsely ground pork wiener and cheese cream with moist and smooth steamed dough. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson "Pork sausage and cheese moist roll"
Moist roll of pork sausage and cheese

[Moist roll of pork sausage and cheese]
・ Calories 209kcal
・ Protein 7.4g (0.14oz)
・ Fat 14.2g (0.07oz)
・ Carbohydrate 15.3g (0.11oz) (sugar 10.7g (0.25oz) dietary fiber 4.6g (0.21oz))
・ Salt equivalent 1.5g (0.18oz)

Lawson "Pork sausage and cheese moist roll"

With a juicy sausage. This is also a moist dough like Chinese steamed bun, and it seems to go well with oolong tea and jasmine tea as well as black tea and coffee!

■ Barley bacon potato bread
"Barley bacon potato bread" is a dough made from barley flour wrapped in a potato filling containing bacon and topped with cheese. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson "barley bacon potato bread"
Barley bacon potato bread

[Barley bacon potato bread]
・ Calories 153kcal
・ Protein 7.5g (0.18oz)
・ Fat 6.5g (0.18oz)
・ Carbohydrate 19.6g (0.21oz) (sugar 12.6g (0.21oz) dietary fiber 7g (0.25oz))
・ Salt equivalent 0.9g (0.32oz)

Lawson "barley bacon potato bread"

Presence of bacon and potatoes ◎. Especially, you can feel the saltiness of the diced bacon. It is also recommended to lightly bake it with a toaster to make the surface crisp.

■ Barley chiffon cake vanilla
Chiffon cake "barley chiffon cake vanilla" using barley flour. It has a fluffy texture and a good mouthfeel. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson "barley chiffon cake"
Barley chiffon cake

[Barley chiffon cake (per piece)]
・ Calories 108kcal
・ Protein 2.7g (0.25oz)
・ Carbohydrate 12.1g (0.04oz) (sugar 9g (0.32oz) dietary fiber 3.1g (0.04oz))
・ Salt equivalent 0.4g (0.14oz)

Lawson "barley chiffon cake"

The sweetness is modest. Fluffy and moist. The dough also has a moderate density and has a castella-like texture. I'm glad that you can enjoy chiffon cake while limiting carbs!

■ Bran's Cafe au lait
"Bran's Cafe au lait" is a coffee-flavored dough with buttered margarine sheet and cafe au lait cream. The price is 120 yen.

Lawson "Bran's Cafe au lait"
Blanc Cafe au lait

[Bran's Cafe au lait Danish (per piece)]
・ Calories 131kcal
・ Protein 3.8g (0.28oz)
・ Fat 7.8g (0.28oz)
・ Carbohydrate 13.3g (0.11oz) (sugar 9.3g (0.11oz) dietary fiber 4g (0.14oz))
・ Salt equivalent 0.3g (0.11oz)

Lawson "Bran's Cafe au lait"

The dough is soft. You can enjoy the slightly spreading flavor of cafe au lait. You can feel the sweetness well, so eating just one is quite satisfying. The taste is almost the same as ordinary sweet bread.

Lawson's low-carbohydrate bread that you want to use during sugar restriction. The author's recommendation is "barley chiffon cake". If you're having trouble with sugar-restricted convenience store rice, take a look at the bread corner!