[Tasting] Cafe de Clie "Pistachio chiffon cake" -green cream and crushed nuts!
Pistachio chiffon cake

I tried the seasonal menu "Pistachio Chiffon Cake" at Cafe de Clie. Sweets with plenty of bright yellow-green nuts that you often see these days.

Pistachio chiffon cake
Pistachio fruit crushed in yellow-green pistachio cream!

The selling price is 380 yen (tax included, same below). This time I made coffee with a drink set, so it was 610 yen. A gorgeous dessert with a rich pistachio flavor that spreads along with the gentle chiffon. The dough is baked with a soft and light texture, wrapped in a pale yellow-green whipped cream with nut paste, and topped with crushed nuts.

Cafe de Clie "Pistachio Chiffon Cake"
The base is a soft chiffon

The pistachio scent is clearly noticeable, but not so assertive, and the mild sweetness remains impressive even when the cream is licked. Crushed nuts scale and chewy texture.

Pistachio chiffon cake
Gentle taste that does not suit the vivid appearance

Chiffon has a gentle and moist texture, and although it seems to go well with most flavors, whether chocolate or strawberry, it goes well with pistachios.

Pistachio chiffon cake
Perfectly compatible with the fabric

Although you'll be amazed at the eye-catching green appearance, the drinks are generally calm when eaten, so if you're not good at coffee, we recommend blending drinks over American and espresso over blending.