Sugar butter tree "Strawberry chocolate sandwich"
Strawberry chocolate sand

At the cereal sweets specialty store "Sugar Butter Tree", the spring's annual sweets "Sugar Butter Tree Strawberry Chocolat Sandwich" will be available. It will be available from February 20th to the end of April, but will end as soon as it is out of stock.

A dish that is sold every year according to the strawberry season. A crispy milk cream sandwich with a scent of sugar butter is completely wrapped in strawberry chocolate with the taste of spring-picked strawberries.

Sugar butter tree "Strawberry chocolate sand"

With a crispy texture when chewed, the sweet and sour spring-picked strawberry chocolate and the mellow and rich milk cream melt into a "strawberry milk flavor".

The design of the package is "Strawberry Tea Time". The design is such that a fun mood cloth lined with pastel strawberry is spread out, bright red strawberry-patterned plates are lined up, and "strawberry chocolate sand" is placed in the middle. It seems to be suitable not only for regular snacks and souvenirs, but also for white day return sweets.

The selling price is 648 yen for 5 pieces (tax included, same below), 1,080 yen for 8 pieces, and 1,620 yen for 12 pieces.

Sugar butter tree "Strawberry chocolate sandwich"
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Available stores are Sugar Butter Tree metropolitan area stores, JR Nagoya Takashimaya store, Hankyu Umeda store, Hakata Hankyu store. It is also available on the direct sales site. In addition to this, "Gin no Gudo" will be sold at the Daimaru Tokyo store, Keio Shinjuku store, Seibu Ikebukuro store, and Lazona Kawasaki store. In addition, it may appear in some sister stores.