"Hakata Mochi Nabe Yamaya" Lunch
Mustard mentaiko, mustard mustard, rice, free refills!

I ate lunch of "Hakata Motsunabe Yamaya" which is popular for all-you-can-eat Yamaya spicy cod roe and mustard mustard. You are free to refill the rice. The main menu is also luxurious, where you can enjoy the local cuisine of Kyushu and Hakata.

Challenge "Hakata Mochi Nabe Yamaya" lunch
Go to a restaurant where you can refill spicy cod roe, mustard mustard, and rice!

Hakata Motsunabe Yamaya focuses on Motsunabe, but it is a chain that offers a large selection of Hakata's local dishes. This time, I ordered a "game-ni (Chikuzen-ni) set meal" at a store in Osaki, Tokyo at noon. It was a prepaid type and the price was 1,300 yen (tax included).

"Hakata Mochi Nabe Yamaya" Lunch
Order Gameni set meal

The beautiful Temari-like grilled food container on the table contains plump spicy cod roe and mustard mustard. At "Hakata Motsunabe Yamaya", these side dishes and white rice are free to refill. Even if the container is empty, you can bring it back if you ask the shop staff.

"Hakata Mochi Nabe Yamaya" Lunch
Make "Mentaiko Don" with the main dish over there!

The spicy cod roe is a bright scarlet color, and when placed on pure white rice, it is rich in color. Normally, you would enjoy it by putting a lid on a small bowl, but here you can eat it as a "mentaiko-don" in a heap.

"Hakata Mochi Nabe Yamaya" Lunch
What is this free refill?

The texture of the mashed tongue and teeth, the rich umami of the roe, and the spiciness and aroma of the red pepper combine to make the rice go on. A place where you want to enjoy a lot of spicy cod roe and mustard mustard, with less rice to chew at once so that you don't get full right away.

"Hakata Mochi Nabe Yamaya" Lunch
Gameni is also excellent as a side dish. Don't let me concentrate on Meita!

Game-ni, on the other hand, is made from chicken with various ingredients such as red carrots, konjac, burdock, shiitake mushrooms, and green kinuzaya, and the taste is neither too strong nor too light, making it a perfect side dish for rice.

All-you-can-eat Yamaya's spicy cod roe and mustard mustard are happy enough, but the game-ni is also light and you can eat a bowl of white rice. The lotus root in a small bowl also has a nice texture, and it makes me feel a little envious that it doesn't concentrate only on spicy cod roe and mustard mustard.