Lloyds' Sakura Sweets

From Lloyds, cherry blossom sweets that are perfect for spring are on sale for a limited time and in limited quantities. A gorgeous lineup that combines cherry blossoms and chocolate.

・ Raw chocolate [Sakura fromage]
A blend of cherry blossoms and cream cheese in white chocolate with a scent of strawberry. The soft scent of cherry blossoms and the sweet and sour taste of strawberries blend gently with the richness of cheese. Contains 20 tablets, and the price is 720 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Royce's raw chocolate [Sakura fromage]

・ Sakura Berry & Sakura White Chocolate
A set where you can enjoy two types of chocolate, "Sakura Berry", which combines strawberry-scented chocolate with a gorgeous cherry flavor, and "Sakura White," which adds the flavor of cherry to white chocolate. The package and chocolate also have a cherry blossom pattern. 40 pieces, the price is 830 yen.

Royce's Sakura Berry & Sakura White Chocolate

・ Lloyd's Sakura Meringue
One side of the meringue dough with scented cherry blossoms is coated with white chocolate with scented cherry blossoms and strawberries. It is also topped with cranberries, strawberry and cherries to add a hint of acidity. The price is 830 yen.

Lloyds Sakura Meringue

・ Chocolate bar [cherry berry (cherry & almond)]
A dish of white chocolate with scented cherry blossoms and strawberries, sprinkled with dried cherries and almonds. You can enjoy the rich taste of the gorgeous scent, the acidity of cherries, and the aroma of almonds. The price is 550 yen.

Royce's Chocolate Bar [Sakura Berry (Cherry & Almond)]

・ Almond chocolate [Sakura Berry & Sakura White]
Large roasted almonds are coated with cherry-flavored chocolate. There are two types, "Sakura Berry", which is chocolate with a scent of cherry blossoms and a slight effect of strawberry acidity, and "Sakura White", which is white chocolate with the flavor of cherry blossoms. The price is 1,000 yen.

Royce's almond chocolate [Sakura Berry & Sakura White]

・ Prafeu Chocolat [Sakura Cube]
Cherry blossom chocolate made from cherry blossoms, leaves, and fruits. A spring flavor that blends the deep cherry flavor with the acidity of the cherry sauce. 30 pieces, the price is 780 yen.

Royce's Prafeu Chocolat [Sakura Cube]

・ Lloyd's Sakura Choco Manju
A manju wrapped in white chocolate mixed with cherry leaves and white chocolate in a skin containing cherry blossoms and white chocolate. Accented with condensed milk in the center of white bean paste. The fluffy scent of cherry blossoms and milk flavor is attractive. 5 pieces, the price is 850 yen.

Lloyds Sakura Chocoman