Limited time offer "Pino Uji Matcha-Azuki Tailoring-"

From the long-selling brand "Pino" series sold by Morinaga Milk Industry, a new product "Pino Uji Matcha-Azuki Tailoring-" will be released on March 23. Limited time product until around September. The price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

"Pino" is a bite-type ice cream that was released in 1976 and has a perfect balance of smooth ice cream and chocolate that melts in your mouth. It is a long-selling product that has been on sale for over 40 years.

"Pino Uji Matcha-Azuki Tailoring-" is the second collaboration product with Jun Kuroki, the owner of Japanese cuisine "Kurogi", which is said to be the most difficult to make reservations in Japan. Uji matcha ice cream kneaded with red bean paste is coated with Uji matcha chocolate that melts in your mouth. Uji matcha, which is characterized by its deliciousness and mellow taste, is used for matcha, and azuki beans from Hokkaido are used for koshian.

The package also collaborates with Kyoto's long-established tenugui shop "Eirakuya". We are developing all three types of original designs.

"Pino Uji Matcha-Azuki Tailoring-" is packed with the authentic taste of Uji Matcha and a deep new taste like Japanese sweets. How about a snack when you want to relax?