From the second "More! Morinaga's Funny Petit Recipe" Re-Ment

Re-Ment sells the second "Morinaga's Funny Petit Recipe ", "More! Morinaga's Funny Petit Recipe". The price is 700 yen per box (excluding tax).

This is the second petite sample in collaboration with "Morinaga & Co., Ltd." Milk chocolate, choice, moonlight ..., those sweets that everyone knows have become miniature figures. The packaging of the product as it is has a particular recall rate. Arrange recipes are also included. One box contains a figure and a mini seat.

The lineup includes "1, chocolate-melting warm muffins", "2, arrangement recipes are also good!", "3, slightly moist adult taste", "4, discerning kitchen wagon", "5, fashionable". A total of 8 types: "Otegaru hors d'oeuvre", "6, A device of love for raising", "7, A cool and plump moment", and "8, After all ... the best as it is !?"

From the second "More! Morinaga's Funny Petit Recipe" Re-Ment

"More! Morinaga's funny petite recipe" that you can enjoy even if you take a picture with your figure. When you see it, pick it up!

* 1 All types are available by purchasing a box