Morinaga's "Delicious Low-Carb Pudding"

As a reward snack during sugar restriction! I actually tried two kinds of "delicious low-carbohydrate pudding" sold by Morinaga Milk Industry! The purchase price is 118 yen each (excluding tax).

Morinaga's "Delicious Low-Carb Pudding" is a pudding with 70% less sugar than the same amount of "Morinaga's Grilled Pudding". Even with low-carbohydrate, we are particular about the ingredients, and it seems that it is finished in a satisfying taste.

■ Custard
"Custard", where you can enjoy the richness of eggs and milk, is 3.3g of sugar per piece! The bottom of the cup contains caramel sauce.

Morinaga's "Delicious Low-Carb Pudding Custard"

■ Nutrition composition table [br /] Energy: 64kcal
Protein: 1.6g
Lipid: 4.8g
Sugar: 3.3g
Dietary fiber: 2.7g

I was surprised to eat a bite. Much sweeter than expected! Even if you don't entangle caramel with a plump feel like jam, the pudding alone will give you a sweet finish. Hardness that is nice for those who like hard pudding to enjoy at a coffee shop.

Morinaga's "Delicious Low-Carb Pudding Custard"

■ High cacao chocolate
"High cacao chocolate" using couverture chocolate has a lower sugar content than "custard" and weighs 2.9g per piece. You can enjoy the mellow cacao scent and bitter sweetness.

Morinaga's "Delicious Low Sugar Pudding High Cacao Chocolate"
High cacao chocolate

■ Nutrition composition table [br /] Calories: 74kcal
Protein: 1.9g
Lipid: 5.9g
Sugar: 2.9g
Dietary fiber: 1.1g

Modest sweetness compared to custard. It's smooth and smooth, and makes you feel like you're eating chocolate mousse. The balance between the flavor and sweetness of cacao is ◎.

Morinaga's "Delicious Low Sugar Pudding High Cacao Chocolate"

Morinaga's "delicious low-carbohydrate pudding" that you can enjoy with less guilt while you are on a diet or with sugar restrictions. If you want to eat a solid sweet pudding, we recommend "Custard", and if you want to enjoy moderate sweetness, we recommend "High cacao chocolate" ♪