"Muscle cafeteria Shibuya store" lunch set

"Muscle cafeteria Shibuya store" in Shibuya. A restaurant specializing in "high protein" and "low calorie" foods for those who want to build a body.

The author visited 5 minutes before the opening of the store on weekdays (11:00 when the store opened). Several people were already lined up. On the signboard at the storefront, you can see the contents of today's daily lunch, calories, and PFC balance! * PFC balance indicates the ratio of "Protein", "Fat", and "Carbohydrate", which are the three major nutrients in the diet. You can prevent malnutrition by eating with PFC balance in mind.

"Muscle dining room" Shibuya store
Muscle cafeteria Shibuya store

Signboard of "Muscle dining room Shibuya store"
You can see the PFC balance at a glance!

The author ordered the mixed steak lunch D "chicken thigh meat 200g + beef rib roast 120g". The price is 1,900 yen (tax included, same below). It has 451 calories, 65.4g of protein, 31.4g of fat, and 0.6g of sugar. A nice menu where you can get a lot of protein with one meal!

Menu of "Muscle Cafeteria Shibuya"
Rich menu

You can choose your favorite lunch set from 100g of brown rice and A of soup, 100g of white rice and B of soup, 100g of cabbage and C of soup. I want to get dietary fiber, so I chose C this time!

Menu of "Muscle Cafeteria Shibuya"

The first thing that was brought in was water and protein! Vanilla-flavored protein divided by low-fat milk. When I visited before, it tasted like strawberry. Is the flavor different depending on the day?

Through "Muscle Cafeteria Shibuya"
First of all, protein

The lunch set has a voluminous feel that you can't think of as "lunch." Heaps of cabbage, soup with meat pieces, and chicken thighs and beef rib roast with an appetizing scent! Garnish with broccoli, carrots and bean sprouts.

"Muscle cafeteria Shibuya store" lunch set
Look at the thickness of the meat

The meat is moderately roasted. The author, who is on a diet, enjoyed it as it was, but if you are a little unsatisfied, add the seasonings on the table. We recommend "green onion salt"! It's delicious not only with meat but also with cabbage!

"Muscle cafeteria Shibuya store" lunch set
Guttsuri, plenty, protein!

"Muscle cafeteria Shibuya store" lunch set

Seasoning for "Muscle Cafeteria Shibuya"
There are various sauces and dressings on the table

"Muscle cafeteria" that is perfect for those who "want to get good protein after training", "want to diet but do not want to restrict diet", "recently I'm worried about my stomach due to excessive calorie intake" ". The customer base is mostly male, but there were other women who came to eat alone. Also, many people visited on holidays as a couple or a group of friends.

In addition to the Shibuya store, there are Roppongi store, Suidobashi store, Ginza corridor store, Maru Building DELI store, and Caretta Shiodome DELI store (as of February 2020). Why not enjoy a muscle-pleasing meal at a store near you?

■ Kinniku Shokudo Shibuya Store [br /] Address: 1-18-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shuho Building 1F