KALDI "Nyan Coffee Set" Limited quantity
(All images are quoted from the official website)

KALDI Coffee Farm will release "Nyan Coffee Set" on February 15th. Limited quantity. The price is 1,120 yen (tax included). It will end as soon as it runs out.

The "Nyan Coffee Set" is an original blend of "Nyan Coffee" and "Tea Raisin Sandwich" set in an "original drawstring purse".

・ Nyan coffee (200g (7.05oz))
An original blend of cat days limited to Brazil and Rwanda. A coffee made from round bean peaberries that has an exotic flavor and a strong sweetness.

・ Black tea raisin sandwich
Fresh green raisins are sandwiched with a fragrant dough kneaded with black tea leaves. The natural sweetness of raisins without rum goes well with the juicy sweetness of Nyan coffee.

・ Drawstring purse (size: length 30 cm x width 23 cm)
KALDI's original drawstring purse with cute cat illustrations on the front and back.

KALDI "Nyan Coffee Set" Limited quantity

* Up to 2 per person can be sold at physical stores. * There may be a limit on the number of items sold at online shops.