Venki chocolate

Italy's long-established chocolate gelato specialty store "Venchi Ginza store". The other day, I reviewed the gelato of the store, but this time I will introduce chocolate.

Venki sells a wide variety of chocolates made from carefully selected ingredients. In addition to the perfect gift box, there are also picks and mixes sold by weight, so you can choose your favorite chocolate from one grain.

Venki Gift Box
Gift box

A dreamy lineup for nut chocolate lovers using almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc. After hesitation, I bought 5 types.

Venki chocolate

◆ Gianduiotto Venezuela / Chocolate
The traditional "Gianduiot" from Venki is a combination of roasted Piedmont's specialty hazelnuts and cacao. With a smooth and smooth mouthfeel, the deep richness of nuts wraps your tongue. Venezuela is based on Venezuelan cacao and has an impressive gorgeous scent. Although chocolate is sugar-free, it has a sufficient sweetness, and you can feel the taste of hazelnuts. The price is 17.3 yen / g each, about 140 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Gianduiotto in Venezuela / Chocolate Light

◆ Cremino 1878
Sandwich white chocolate with almond paste with milk gianduja. The rich sweetness of white chocolate matches the aroma of almonds. You can also enjoy the beautiful appearance of 3 layers. The price is 17.3 yen / g, about 185 yen per piece.

Venki's Cremino 1878

◆ Cubot Chocaviar Creme Pistachio
Pistachio with salty nuts Gianduja cream wrapped in dark chocolate and topped with toffee and hazelnut grains. The outside is crunchy and the inside is sticky. The strong sweetness, the aroma of pistachio, and the slight bitterness of cacao spread together. The salty nuts that are stuffed inside are a nice accent. The price is 17.3 yen / g, about 330 yen per piece.

Venki's Cubot Cho Caviar Creme Pistachio

◆ Dubrudone
One hazelnut is wrapped in two types of Gianduja, milk and white. The main taste is mellow sweetness. The chocolate melts loosely on the tongue, and the nuts that emerge from inside crumble. The price is 17.3 yen / g.

Venki's Dubrudone

Here are just a few of the chocolates sold in Venki. Of course, not only nuts but also various flavors are available. It seems fun to choose the chocolates you care about little by little and make your own assortment.