"Gyoza Expo 2020" held in Bamiyan
Gyoza Expo 2020

A campaign "Gyoza Expo 2020" where you can enjoy 6 kinds of dumpling menus at the Chinese restaurant "Bamiyan" is underway. There will be dumplings topped with melty cheese and dumplings wrapped in whole shrimp.

The Bamiyan Gyoza Expo was held for the first time in 2019 and was well received, so it was decided to continue to position it as an "annual gyoza festival." The target menus and prices are as follows, and all notations are tax-excluded.

"Gyoza Expo 2020" held in Bamiyan
Thick cheese on fried dumplings

"Torori cheese on fried dumplings" with plenty of cheese mixed with tomato-flavored sauce and fried dumplings is 389 yen. Half (3 pieces) is 199 yen.

"Gyoza Expo 2020" held in Bamiyan
Basil scented coriander dumplings

"Basil scented coriander dumplings" with genovese sauce is 399 yen. For an additional 100 yen, it will be an additional cilantro.

"Gyoza Expo 2020" held in Bamiyan
Whole 1 bottle of shrimp dumplings

"Whole 1 prepuri shrimp dumplings" with a whole shrimp with a crispy texture wrapped in dumplings is 399 yen.

"Gyoza Expo 2020" held in Bamiyan
Shibi! Kara! Red dumplings

The grilled dumplings "Shibi! Kara! Red dumplings", which are made by adding spicy bean paste with pepper and Chinese pepper (Hua Jiao), are 299 yen, and the half (3 pieces) is 159 yen.

"Gyoza Expo 2020" held in Bamiyan
Authentic gyoza

The popular classic "genuine gyoza" is 239 yen.

"Gyoza Expo 2020" held in Bamiyan
Bamiyan dumplings

Bamiyan dumplings, which are full of pork and eaten with a special sauce, are 389 yen, and half (4 pieces) are 199 yen.

Draft beer that goes well with dumplings can be enjoyed at a great price after the second cup, and you can order a happy hour price of 200 yen from 14:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.

Please note that the dumpling expo will be held nationwide, but not at some stores. Details can be found on the official website of Bamiyan.