Cold Stone "Bana" J ""

"Bana" J "" will be released on January 17th from each Cold Stone Creamery store. Rich banana juice made only with ripe bananas and milk.

"Bana" J "" is a cup that maximizes the sweetness of bananas by fully ripening the bananas, and you can fully feel the deliciousness of the ingredients. It is finished in a mellow sweet banana juice. The price is 370 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Also, ice cream banana juice topped with cold stone mixed ice cream will be on sale at the same time. The lineup is as follows. The price is 537 yen each.

・ "Bana" J "" caramel [br /] A combination of banana juice, sweet cream ice cream, and caramel sauce.

Cold Stone "Bana" J "" Caramel

"Bana" J "" Strawberry [br /] A combination of banana juice, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry.

Cold Stone "" Bana "J" "Strawberry"

・ "Bana" J "" chocolate [br /] A combination of banana juice, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate fudge.

Cold Stone "" Bana "J" "Chocolate"