Mos Burger Superb Bacon & Cheese

At each Mos Burger store, a new hamburger product, "Tobikiri Bacon & Cheese," is on sale from November 28th to the end of January. The price is 538 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

A new work of the "Tobikiri Hamburger Sandwich" series, which uses 100% domestic meat (beef and pork steak) and a hamburger that is about 1.8 times the size of regular patties. The hamburger steak is placed on the green leaf, cheese, bacon and vegetables are layered, and the yolk mustard sauce and Japanese-style sauce are sprinkled on top. The hamburger steak and bacon, which are big enough to pop out of the buns, and the complex taste of the two sauces are attractive.

In addition, "Double Bacon & Cheese", which is made by stacking two patties, will be developed. The price will be 741 yen.

Moss superb bacon & cheese
"Double" with two patties

At the same time, two patties "Double" have appeared in the exceptional hamburger sandwich series that is on sale. The lineup is as follows.

Double extraordinary Japanese sauce 584 yen (extraordinary Japanese sauce 380 yen)
Double superb cheese 612 yen (superb cheese 408 yen)
Double Tomato & Lettuce 630 yen (Tomato & Lettuce 426 yen)

Moss exceptional hamburger sandwich
Double appeared in the "Tobikiri" series on sale

* The product name has been renewed due to the change in the source used, and the price has not changed.