Soft peanut butter

A new ice cream product "Sof'Peanut Butter Flavor" will be released nationwide from December 2nd.

Sof is a cup ice cream that uses only the "upper" part of the soft serve ice cream as a product. Soft serve ice cream with a soft and soft texture is placed in a colorful and pretty cup.

The first appearance is in the spring of 2017. So far, strawberry flavor, caramel flavor, cafe au lait flavor, etc. have been sold.

The peanut butter flavor will be released this time. Using 6% peanut paste, we finished it so that you can fully enjoy the characteristic aroma and flavor of peanuts. Condensed milk is added as a secret ingredient so that you can feel the sweetness and richness.

Soft peanut butter

A new flavor that you can enjoy a rich taste as if you were eating peanut butter to be applied to bread. You can eat it as a topping on bread or pancakes.