Coco's "Fluffy Cream Strawberry Fair"

At each family restaurant "Cocos", "Fluffy Fresh Cream Strawberry Fair" will be held on December 3rd, where you can enjoy fluffy fresh cream using pure fresh cream from Hokkaido and plenty of strawberries. The implementation period is until mid-February 2020.

"Strawberry Bouquet Parfait (1,190 yen)" and "Strawberry Reward Parfait (690 yen)" have the mellow sweetness of fluffy cream and vanilla ice cream, strawberry sorbet with strawberry and pulp, and the sweet and sour taste of strawberry jelly. A menu that you can fully enjoy. By adding cocoa biscuits and white balls, the crispy and chewy texture is an accent. 13 strawberries are used in the "Strawberry Bouquet Parfait".

Coco's "Fluffy Fresh Cream Strawberry Fair"
Strawberry bouquet parfait

Also, if you want to eat a little dessert, we also have a "strawberry mini parfait (390 yen)" that is the right size. You can choose according to your mood.

"Strawberry crepe-with fluffy cream and milk pudding- (390 yen)" is a crepe wrapped in fluffy cream, strawberry, and milk pudding with a gentle taste, with strawberry sorbet and strawberry jelly. You can enjoy the crunchy texture of fruit granola along with the soft and gentle crepe.

Coco's "Fluffy Cream Strawberry Fair"

* All prices do not include tax