KALDI "KALDI Original Christmas Pochette"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Check out all 5 Christmas limited items sold by KALDI Coffee Farm! "KALDI Original Christmas Pochette Kuma-san" and "KALDI Original Chocolate Calendar Forest Santas".

・ KALDI Original Christmas Wood Mascot A wood mascot that includes Santa and a tree, a mouse and a house, and Nisse and Koguma. With star-shaped chocolate. All 3 types, 330 yen each (tax included, same below).

KALDI "KALDI Original Christmas Wood Mascot"

・ KALDI's original Christmas pochette A mini pochette with a soft texture filled with sweets. There are two designs, "Kuma-san" and "Hedgehog". The price is 737 yen each.

KALDI "KALDI Original Christmas Pochette"

-KALDI original clip with Christmas magnet A set of wooden clips and candy for Christmas characters that can be used to hold notes. There are two designs, "Penguins & Bear" and "Santa & Tree". The price is 283 yen each.

KALDI "KALDI original clip with Christmas magnet"

・ KALDI original Christmas mini bag 4 chocolate galettes in the original design mini bag. Also as an accessory case for going out bags and smartphones. The price is 660 yen.

KALDI "KALDI Original Christmas Mini Bag"

・ KALDI original chocolate calendar Advent calendar designed by Santas in the forest. You can enjoy the countdown until Christmas by sticking a numbered sticker on the door on the surface of the package and opening the door one by one every day. There are two designs, "Santas in the forest" and "Animal". The price is 375 yen.

KALDI "KALDI Original Chocolate Calendar Forest Santas"

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