Pompompurin Cafe Christmas

A Christmas menu will be offered from December 1st to 25th at the Harajuku / Yokohama / Umeda store of the cafe "Pompompurin Cafe" with the theme of Sanrio character "Pompompurin".

There are two types of menu, one for each of food and sweets. Details are as follows. * Price does not include tax

"I wonder if Santa will come early ♪ Pompompurin cheese keema curry"
Price: 1,290 yen

Pompompurin Cafe Christmas

Keema curry finished in white using 3 types of cheese (Parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, natural cheese). A Christmas tree is represented by mashed potatoes sprinkled with paprika and carrot stars and kneaded with spinach.

The socks that the pudding is holding are made of bread and menta mayonnaise. It seems that he produced a figure waiting for a gift from Santa while being excited.

"Pompompurin has become a snowman ?! Snow-covered chocolate tart"
Price: 1,190 yen

Pompompurin Cafe Christmas

A Christmas tree of pudding and pistachio cream transformed into a vanilla ice snowman is lined up on a thick chocolate tart. A plate that looks like a scene from a picture book that expresses the scenery of the garden during the Christmas season.

Also, if you eat or drink at the store during the period, you will get an original design "place mat", and if you order a drink, you will get a "coaster". Up to 1 per person, and it will end as soon as it runs out.

Pompompurin Cafe Christmas
Place mat design

Pompompurin Cafe Christmas
Coaster design

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