For a limited time, "Pass quickly! Happy Turn"

Kameda Seika will release "Spatto Pass! Happy Turn" for a limited time on December 9th. The estimated price is around 220 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until the end of January 2020.

"Spatto Pass! Happy Turn" contains two types of familiar "Happy Turn" and "Happy Turn Sour Plum Flavor". The phrase "sour" of plum flavor and "spatto pass" are used to create auspicious phrases, and the wish for passing is included. The plum flavor is finished with a sour taste so that you can feel a little drowsy between studies.

Happiness returns to everyone (turn) "Happy Turn" supports the students who do their best! "Swift Pass! Happy Turn" with a wish to pass. It may be good to send it to the examinees.