Lupicia "Tea Honey Earl Gray" "Tea Honey Rosehip Tea"

The tea-scented honey "Tea Honey" is on sale at Lupicia, a tea shop in the world. A product that blends honey with the popular tea flavor.

A lineup of various flavors such as "Darjeeling the First Flash". I was at a loss, but I bought two types, "Tea Honey Earl Gray" and "Tea Honey Rosehip Tea". The price is 550 yen each (tax included).

Lupicia "Tea Honey Earl Gray" "Tea Honey Rosehip Tea"

First from Earl Gray. The moment you open the lid, the refreshing scent tickles your nasal passages. It's honey, so if you lick it as it is, it's sweet, of course, but the flavor of bergamot is also fluffy later.

Lupicia "Tea Honey Earl Gray"

Not to mention the compatibility with Earl Gray tea. It brings out the rich flavor of Earl Gray while adding an elegant sweetness.

Lupicia "Tea Honey Earl Gray" and tea

Rosehip tea has a cute slightly pinkish tint. I feel a refreshing acidity in the sweetness.

Lupicia "Tea Honey Rosehip Tea"

Of course, it's delicious even if you put it in black tea, but my personal recommendation is sugar-free yogurt. The gentle acidity of rose hips and yogurt matches. It looks and tastes gorgeous.

Yogurt with Lupicia "Tea Honey Rosehip Tea"

It's also perfect as a topping for bread and pancakes. Even a little sprinkle will make the scent richer. Especially compatible with bread mixed with nuts and dried fruits.

Bread with Lupicia "Tea Honey Earl Gray" and "Tea Honey Rosehip Tea"

"Tea honey" comes in a small bottle and can be used as an interior if placed side by side in the kitchen. It is a reliable companion when you want to add not only sweetness but also fragrance.