FamilyMart "Eating Ranch Souffle Pudding"
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New sweets "Eating Ranch Souffle Pudding" will be released sequentially from November 26th at each FamilyMart store. The price is 288 yen (tax included).

This is a collaboration between FamilyMart's "popular number one" dessert "Souffle Pudding" and the popular ice cream "Eating Ranch Milk". The souffle pudding, which allows you to enjoy the fluffy texture of the souffle and the melting pudding at the same time, has been well received, and souffle pudding strawberry, pure white milk souffle pudding, and souffle pudding tiramisu cafe have been sold so far.

FamilyMart Souffle Pudding
Souffle pudding

The "Eating Ranch Souffle Pudding" that will be released this time is a milk pudding that is soft and melty, and a whole milk souffle that has been baked softly and moistly. Milk pudding is made by using 50% of white eggs and Hokkaido milk up to the yolk, and it is finished as a smooth pudding that you can enjoy the richness of eggs and rich milk flavor while keeping the white appearance.

Milk souffle uses Hokkaido milk, and it is tailored so that you can feel the taste of milk and eat it refreshingly. By baking in hot water so as not to crush the finely whipped meringue bubbles, it has a fluffy texture. Also, by slowly heating it with steam, it is also baked white like light snow.

FamilyMart "Eating Ranch Souffle Pudding"

Whipped cream and white chocolate sauce are sandwiched between the souffle and pudding. In addition, the character "Ushi" of "Eating Ranch Milk" is branded on the top of the souffle. Enjoy a winter dessert with a fluffy texture and a taste of milk.