Potato tsunami! Lotteria "Ultra Manga Fries"
I bought it

I tried "Ultra Manga Fries" in Lotteria for a limited time from November 22nd to 24th. It is the amount of angry potatoes that does not match the menu name.

Potato tsunami! Lotteria "Ultra Manga Fries"
In a bucket potato

A campaign to be held in conjunction with "Black Friday" on November 22nd. "Ultra Manga Prime Potato" with 4 more French Fries S added to "Bucket Potato" containing 5 "French Fries S" will be sold for 560 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). The regular price is 1,240 yen, which is 54% cheaper.

Potato tsunami! Lotteria "Ultra Manga Fries"
4 more French fries S

There are also "super manga-filled potatoes" and "basic manga-filled potatoes" with a slightly smaller amount of potatoes, but I dare to choose the one with the most.

You can order by showing the shop staff the coupons available on Lotteria's official website. It will open a large bag of potatoes in the kitchen and start frying.

When I was waiting, one bucket of potatoes and four bags of potatoes appeared on the tray. It smells of new oil and is appetizing. All are hot and fried, and when chewed, the outside is crunchy and the inside is soft. The potato flavor is delicious. In other words, it is Lotteria's ordinary French fries.

If anything, it is suitable for sharing, but of course you can order by yourself, and if you can not eat it in the store, you can put it in a paper bag and take it home.

Potato tsunami! Lotteria "Ultra Manga Fries"
About one bag of Fry S has this much

The only problem is that "potatoes can be eaten by one person unexpectedly". If you notice that you are pinching while looking into your smartphone, one bag of potato S will be empty.

Potato tsunami! Lotteria "Ultra Manga Fries"
Oh, but it's surprisingly easy ...

Furthermore, if you are not careful, you can flatten it to two or three in a row. As expected, it is difficult to empty the bucket potatoes, and over time you will feel full, but it is a set full of dangerous temptations. When ordering, be sure to have a home party, a large number of friends, or "preparation".