Limited to Capricciosa "Shaun the Sheep and Pumpkin Black Tart"
Capricciosa collaborates with Shaun the Sheep!

At the Italian restaurant "Capricciosa", the collaboration sweet "Shaun the Sheep and Pumpkin Black Tart" with "Shaun the Sheep" will be on sale from December 4th.

The price is 680 yen per plate (excluding tax). A menu commemorating the release of the movie "Shaun the Sheep UFO Fever!" On December 13th. Capricciosa's classic "pumpkin tart" has been arranged.

The dough is mixed with black cocoa and baked, and the sweetness and bitterness are added, giving it a slightly mature taste. The topping is a cocoa cookie that looks like Sean.

Available at Capricciosa domestic stores, but not at some stores. Where it will be sold will be posted on the official website. It will end as soon as it runs out.

A Twitter posting campaign related to this tart will also run from November 25th to December 15th. It is a method to follow and participate in the official Capricciosa account (@ capricciosa1978). For details, the application rules will be published on the official website of Capricciosa.

Capricciosa Campaign
There is also a campaign to win movie goods

A lottery will win movie-related goods, and there are 20 floating ballpoint pens, 3 ruler dolls (25 cm), and 3 Sean dolls (40 cm).