Osaka Ohsho 50th Anniversary Limited Menu 4th "Meat Ankake Shark Fin Fried Rice"

At each "Osaka Osho" store (excluding some stores), which celebrated its 50th anniversary, the 4th limited menu "Meat Ankake Shark Fin Fried Rice" is on sale for a limited time from November 22nd. The price is 995 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). The sale period is scheduled for the end of December.

"Meat Ankake Shark Fin Fried Rice" is a premium version of "Enchanted Meat Ankake Niratama Fried Rice". The fluffy leek balls, which are covered with a thick veil of meat, are a perfect match for the fried rice. The overflowing umami meat ankake and the shark fin with the finest texture are finished in a dynamic taste.

In addition, "2 spring rolls" for an additional 213 yen and "1 serving of dumplings" for an additional 241 yen are included in the set. This is also recommended for those who want to enjoy with plenty of volume.

* The sales schedules for the Iwamotocho store, Oimachi store, Hirakatashi station store, and Takaida store are different.