From "Tapioca brown sugar milk" Sushiro

Shining golden "tapioca brown sugar milk" is on sale at each Sushiro store. The second collaboration product between the popular Taiwanese stores "Sharetea" and "Sushiro Cafe Club", which has more than 500 stores around the world. The price is 280 yen (excluding tax).

Tapioca milk tea, which was released in July this year and uses "Golden Tapioca" that glows when illuminated by a light such as a smartphone, has a cumulative total of more than 1.75 million cups in about 3 months since its release, and I drank about 1 cup every 2 seconds. It is. In response to the many requests for new flavors, the long-awaited new product will be on sale.

The shining golden "tapioca brown sugar milk" is made by the pastry chef of the Sushiro Cafe, who visits Taiwan by himself and uses "brown sugar" produced in Taiwan to match the taste of Japanese people while incorporating the authentic essence. "Sushiro original flavor" that was jointly developed with "Sharetea" by repeating trial production. Brown sugar milk, which is a standard taste in Taiwan, is finished into a product with a mellow milky texture, and like the last time, golden tapioca, which boasts an exquisite balance of softness and elasticity, is added.

* Some stores have different items and prices. In addition, some stores are not available at Sushiro Konomi.