FamilyMart "Akagi Plenty of Shortcake"

New arrival sweets to be released on November 19th at each FamilyMart store! There are 6 items in the lineup that you are interested in, such as the large-capacity ice cream "Plenty of shortcake". * Product handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Grilled cheese tart 168 yen (tax included, same below)

FamilyMart "Baked Cheese Tart"

A cheese tart made by layering a crispy tart stand made from durum wheat with a filling that is a blend of Danish and Hokkaido cream cheese.

・ Pavé chocolate crepe 170 yen

FamilyMart "Raw chocolate sticky crepe"

A dish of homemade raw chocolate and whipped cream wrapped in a chewy crepe dough. Some of the chocolate is high cacao chocolate, and the bitter taste is enhanced.

・ Corone pie (cheese cream) 153 yen to eat chilled

FamilyMart "Cold and Eat Corone Pie"

Corone pie that can be chilled and delicious. It has a gorgeous appearance and a crispy texture. The puff pastry topped with grated cheese is baked and squeezed with cheese cream.

・ Large shiratama cream zenzai 290 yen

FamilyMart "Big Shiratama Cream Zenzai"

The taste is improved by reviewing the whipped cream. It is a combination of red bean paste, whipped cream, and 5 large white balls. It features whipped cream blended with Hokkaido cream.

・ Baum 180 yen to taste Brulee

FamilyMart "Baum to taste Brulee"

Baum that you can enjoy the fragrant flavor and crispy texture with caramel soaked on the dough and candy. Limited quantity.

・ Shortcake with plenty of Akagi 218 yen

FamilyMart "Akagi Plenty of Shortcake"

A large-capacity soft serve ice cream that reproduces the taste of shortcake with ice cream. Cookies are mixed with vanilla cream, cream cheese is added, and strawberry sauce is wrapped on the outside to finish. A dish that looks and feels satisfying. Limited to FamilyMart, limited quantity.