Cafe de Clie "Chocolat Yokan"
Like chocolate-like yokan

I tried "Chocolat Yokan Orange" for sale at Cafe de Clie and Maison de Vert. It has a mysterious taste like yokan, like high-quality chocolate.

Cafe de Clie "Chocolat Yokan"
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In collaboration with Sakura Akimoto, the owner and chef of the French restaurant "morceau" in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, it is said to be a Japanese sweet that incorporates Western flavors.

Cafe de Clie "Chocolat Yokan"
3 pieces in 1 bag

The price is 380 yen (excluding tax) for 3 pieces in one bag. Each calorie is 54 kcal. It is made into a bite-sized piece by treating it with sliced orange honey pickles as a topping on a white bean-based yokan with chocolate.

Cafe de Clie "Chocolat Yokan"
Seen from the back, it's completely yokan. It is also a water yokan system.

Seen from above, the pun is a Western confectionery, but when you turn it over, it's completely yokan. When you grab it, the flavor of azuki beans is soft and gentle, the mouthfeel is refreshing, and it is more like "water yokan" than "kneaded yokan".

However, orange honey pickles have a citrus flavor that goes through your nose, and when you chew on the flesh as well as the crunchy skin, a refreshing scent spreads throughout your mouth.

Cafe de Clie "Chocolat Yokan"
Pickled oranges are vivid

The smell of cacao is not so noticeable at first, but if you avoid the orange part and roll only the yokan part on your tongue, it will tickle your nose properly.

A dish that goes well with coffee and tea. You can enjoy it even if you share it with someone.