7-ELEVEN "Eating Trout / Frozen 2 Olaf"

From the Japanese confectionery series "Eat trout" of the Bandai Candy Division, a new product "Eat trout / Frozen 2 Olav" will be released at 7-ELEVEN stores (excluding some stores) on November 22nd. .. The price is 258 yen per piece (excluding tax). Limited quantity.

Eat trout is a brand of character Japanese sweets that stands for "edible mascot" and expresses the character's characteristics using bean paste, sugar, and rice cake powder. It is a new type of Japanese sweet that expresses not only the deliciousness, but also the beauty of elaborate workmanship, and the loveliness of the character, which makes you think that it is too cute to eat.

In the new work, Olav will appear for the first time with the release of Anna and the Snow Queen's latest work "Ana and the Snow Queen 2"! The whole body of "Olaf", which is very popular in the Frozen series, is expressed in Japanese sweets.

7-ELEVEN "Eating Trout / Frozen 2 Olaf"

As the name of "Eatable Mascot" suggests, it looks up diagonally and reproduces the charming expression and lovely appearance of "Olaf" who sits a little with a total length of about 40 mm. The point is that even the snowflakes that have entered the body are accurately reproduced.

The taste is "maple taste", which is associated with the autumn season depicted in the movie "Frozen 2". It has a delicate taste that is easy for people of all ages to eat.