Ezaki Glico "Papico [Adult Rich Gelato Dessert Chocolat]"

From Ezaki Glico's "Papico Adult Series", "Papico [Adult Rich Gelato Dessert Chocolat]" will be released on November 18th. Two bottles in one bag cost 180 yen (excluding tax).

"Papico [Adult's rich gelato dessert chocolate]" is a rich gelato for adults with a strong taste of the material itself. Using 7% chocolate made from Ecuadorian cocoa mass, you can enjoy the authentic taste of chocolate with a gorgeous scent.

Compared to "Papico [Adult's Rich Chocolate]" released in October last year, the ratio of chocolate ingredients has been increased, making it richer, richer and smoother. With bitter chocolate chips, it also has a texture accent. In addition, it contains 400 mg of cacao polyphenols (per 2 bottles).

"Papico [Adult's rich gelato dessert chocolate]" is a dessert that you can drink and eat like a cool, cold luxury chocolate drink. Why don't you enjoy PaPiCO in a warm room?