FamilyMart "Kens Cafe Tokyo Baked Chocolat"
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New arrival sweets to be released on November 12th at each FamilyMart store! Here are 5 items to watch, such as chocolate desserts supervised by Ken's Cafe Tokyo. * Product handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Ken's Cafe Tokyo Baked Chocolat 238 yen (tax included, same below)

FamilyMart "Kens Cafe Tokyo Baked Chocolat"

Sweets supervised by the chocolate sweets specialty store "Kens Cafe Tokyo". It is finished with nuts topping on a moist and rich baked chocolate dough.

・ Brulee cheesecake with 4 kinds of cheese 268 yen

FamilyMart "4 kinds of cheese brulee cheesecake"

A dish that combines rare and baked two-layer cheesecake with a sponge that is fragrant and bruled one by one by hand. It contains 4 types of cheese (cheddar, gouda, parmesan, mozzarella) and is finished with a rich cheese flavor.

・ Half-boiled chocolate cake 158 yen

FamilyMart "half-boiled chocolate cake"

A chocolate cake that uses a unique two-layer manufacturing method to differentiate the texture. You can enjoy both a smooth creamy feeling and a moist dough feeling. It also features a rich taste using chocolate and cocoa mass. Limited quantity.

・ Akagi Frozen Sweets Sweet Potato 198 yen

FamilyMart "Akagi Frozen Sweets Sweet Potato"

The "Frozen Sweets" series is characterized by its "texture like real sweets". By mixing the bean paste made with Naruto Kintoki into the ice cream, the flavor and texture of a real sweet potato is expressed. Limited to FamilyMart, limited quantity.

・ Eating ranch coffee 208 yen

FamilyMart "Eating Ranch Coffee"

A mellow and rich milk ice cream made from 50% milk and a bittersweet coffee ice cream in two layers. Limited to FamilyMart, limited quantity.