Kappa Sushi "Zenzai with shaobing -Royal bean paste soup powder-" & "Premium pudding zenzai -Chilled soup powder-"

At each Kappa Sushi store, "Zenzai with roasted rice cake -Royal bean paste soup powder-" and "Premium pudding zenzai -Chilled soup powder-" are on sale. The price is 300 yen each (excluding tax). The sale period is until December 1st.

From Kappa Sushi, two Japanese sweets will be released in collaboration with Imuraya, whose representative product is the long-selling product "Azuki Bar".

Zenzai with roasted rice cake-Royal bean paste powder tailoring-uses luxuriously azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, which is characterized by a soft grainy texture, and tastes with "Kume no Shio" from Kumejima, Okinawa Prefecture, which contains minerals. Tightened menu. The sweetness is modest and the taste is refined so that you can eat it smoothly after sushi.

Kappa Sushi "Zenzai with Shaobing -Royal Bean Paste Soup Powder-"

Premium Pudding Zenzai -Chilled Shiruko Tailoring-is a new type of hybrid sweets of pudding and red bean paste. The miraculous encounter between "Premium Pudding", which is carefully steamed at the store every day and has many fans, and "Zenzai" is a dish that can only be eaten at Kappa Sushi.

Kappa Sushi "Premium Pudding Zenzai -Chilled Shiruko Tailoring-"