Kiri Happy Festival 2019
Kirifes! Hyahho!

"Kiri Happy Festival 2019" (hereinafter referred to as "Kirifest"), in which new products using "Kiri Cream Cheese" will be sold at the Ginza Cozy Corner, Fujiya Pastry Shop, and Pompadour, will start on November 1st. It will be held until December 1st.

Kiri Fes is a limited-time festival where original sweets made with Kiri cream cheese are sold all at once. Starting in 2018, this is the second year. This time, we collaborated with three companies with the concept of "Happy, Melting, Moment."

At the Ginza Cozy Corner, we have a lineup of 6 items, the largest number. "Rare cheese" (450 yen, tax not included, same below), which was popular last year, "Melting Basque cheese" (420 yen), "Jumbo cream puff (cheese tea)" (150 yen), etc. It has appeared.

Kiri Happy Festival 2019
Basque cheese that melts on the left, jumbo cream puff on the right

Two items are available at the Fujiya pastry shop. "Baked cheesecake (using French cream cheese)" (417 yen) and "Cheese tea tart" (389 yen) with black tea mousse are on sale.

Kiri Happy Festival 2019
Baked cheesecake on the left, cheese tea tart on the right

Two products are available at Pompadour. "Cream cheese (honey)" (170 yen), which is made by wrapping chicken in French bread dough and baking it with honey, and "Cream cheese (olive oil)" (170), which is made by wrapping chicken in French bread dough and topped with olive oil. Yen) is here. Both will be on sale from November 12th.

Kiri Happy Festival 2019
Honey on the left and olive oil on the right

In addition, the sales end date may differ depending on the product. Please check with the store for details.