Cafe YOU omelet rice

"Cafe YOU" in Higashi-Ginza, Tokyo. It is a long-established coffee shop famous for its omelet rice.

The place is right next to Kabuki-za. When I visited at 13:30 on weekdays, there was a line of more than 10 people in front of the store. The rotation is surprisingly fast, and you can enter the store in about 20 minutes.

Cafe YOU store appearance

The interior of the store has a retro atmosphere with wooden desks and Bordeaux-colored chairs. The menu table for the lunch set (1,300 yen) was handed over. You can choose from omelet rice, napolitan, curry, etc., but of course you can choose omelet rice.

Cafe YOU lunch menu

The beautifully baked omelet rice arrived with a slight shaking. The style is on top of rice, with ketchup on top.

Cafe YOU omelet rice

When you put a spoon and spread the top surface, the inside is exquisitely half-ripened. It's just as it looks, and it's fluffy and fluffy! Milky richness spreads softly with the mellow sweetness of the egg. It's so sweet that you can drink it anymore.


東銀座にある「喫茶 YOU」の名物はオムライス。 . 中は絶妙な半熟で、ふわっふわのとろっとろ!卵のまろやかな甘みとともにミルキーなコクがふわりと広がります。かためのケチャップライスがオムレツの繊細な口あたりを引き立て、シャキッとした玉ねぎが良いアクセントに。 . 行列のできる人気店なので、時間に余裕をもって訪れるのがおすすめです。 . . #えん食べ #喫茶you #オムライス #卵料理 #東銀座 #東銀座ランチ #東銀座グルメ #ランチ #オムライス巡り #銀座カフェ #喫茶店 #喫茶店巡り #歌舞伎座 #老舗 #老舗喫茶店 #昼食 #人気店 #omurice #cafe #egg

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Cafe YOU omelet rice

Ketchup rice has a simple taste. The firm rice enhances the delicate mouthfeel of the omelet. The crispy onions are a nice accent.

Cafe YOU omelet rice

After-meal tea can be flavored with brandy. The refreshing taste is combined with the mellow scent of brandy, making it a luxury.

Cafe YOU omelet rice

By the time we got out before 14:30, the congestion had settled down, so it might not be lined up at lunchtime a little late. But it was delicious that I wanted to come to eat again even if I lined up.