Cold Stone 14th Anniversary
Cold Stone 14th Anniversary of Landing in Japan!

The "14th Anniversary" campaign is being held at each Cold Stone Creamery store to commemorate the 14th anniversary of Japan's landing. "14 Mixin Ice Cream" with 14 kinds of mixins (toppings) and "1,400kcal Shake" with 1,400kcal will be on sale until December 1st.

In commemoration of the 14th anniversary of the opening of the first store in Japan on November 3, 2005, new volumey products will be introduced. First of all, "14th Anniversary 14 Mixin Ice Cream" is priced at 1297 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below) and will be offered in one size. Comes with a birthday chocolate waffle ball.

Cold Stone 14th Anniversary
14th Anniversary 14 Mixin Ice Cream. A lot of toppings!

The contents are sweet cream ice cream with the following toppings. That is, (1) strawberry, (2) raspberry, (3) sponge cake, (4) brownie, (5) rainbow sprinkle, (6) oreo cookie, (7) chocolate chip, (8) almond, (9) M & M, (10) Kit cut, (11) Pecan nuts, (12) Whipped cream, (13) Chocolate fudge, (14) Caramel sauce.

Cold Stone 14th Anniversary
14th anniversary 1,400kcal shake. High calories!

"14th Anniversary 1,400kcal Shake" will also be offered in one size. The price is 1,297 yen. The toppings are whipped cream, brownies, KitKat, M & M, Oreo cookies, chocolate fudge, rainbow sprinkles, and caramel sauce. In addition, chocolate ice cream, milk, chocolate chips, peanut butter and chocolate fudge are added to the shake.

In addition, there will be a campaign where you can use "Create Your Own", which allows you to order 13 types of ice cream and 24 types of toppings in combination according to your taste, at a bargain price.

Cold Stone 14th Anniversary
Create Your Own is also cheaper

Ice cream (regular size), 3 types of toppings, and waffle balls are usually 668 yen, but 602 yen.

You can also enjoy ice cream (regular size), 5 types of mixins, and waffle balls for 695 yen instead of 798 yen.

Choice of ice cream is sweet cream, strawberry, chocolate, green tea, French vanilla, mint, cheesecake, custard, yogurt taste, rich bitter chocolate, pumpkin, purple potato, raspberry & cranberry.

There are a total of 24 toppings to choose from, including fruits, nuts, chocolate, snacks, and sauces.