Ice "Fujiya Milky Cup"
I definitely want to eat!

Akagi Nyugyo will release the ice cream "Fujiya Milky Cup" jointly developed with Fujiya on October 8th. The estimated price is 140 yen per piece (excluding tax).

This is a cup ice cream made in the image of the taste of Fujiya's long-selling product "Milky". By adding milky-flavored goodwill to the ice cream, it is finished so that you can fully enjoy the rich milky taste, not just milk-flavored ice cream. In addition, the center of the ice cream is filled with the same milk. One calorie is 208 kcal.

Ice "Fujiya Milky Cup"

In addition, there are 6 types of ice lid designs. A different cute Peko-chan pattern is printed.

The ice cream "Fujiya Milky Cup" is perfect for long autumn nights. If you are a milky fan, you can't miss it. Check it out!