3 kinds of arrangement omelet rice for Denny's
I want to eat all kinds !?

Denny's sells three types of arranged omelet rice as an autumn fair menu. The sale period is until the end of November.

Omelet rice ("Torori egg and cheese omelet rice"), which is usually sold at Denny's, is a popular standard menu that sells about 2 million meals a year. The three new omelet rice that will be released this time are arranged with a rich beef stew as a sauce, an exciting dish using spice-scented jambalaya for pilaf, and lettuce 5 by using 16-grain rice and black vinegar. Those that can take the amount of dietary fiber. You can enjoy the "new taste of omelet rice". The lineup is as follows.

・ Beef stew omelet rice Price: 1,199 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)
Plenty of special beef stew of beef ribs that has been carefully stewed until it becomes a little bit. The stew with a rich yet refreshing and crisp taste goes well with the thick egg. A feast omelet rice that is a little more luxurious than usual.

Denny's "Beef Stew Omelet Rice"

・ Jambalaya omelet rice Price: 1,199 yen Omelet rice with spicy Mexican sauce, which is made by binding pilaf with spicy spices with fluffy eggs. A hearty dish with juicy grilled chicken with crispy lenticels.

Denny's "Beef Stew Omelet Rice"

・ Black vinegar omelet rice Price: 899 yen Japanese-style omelet rice with a generous amount of mildly sour black vinegar bean paste, using "16 grain rice" that is particular about the texture and color of the pilaf. You can get the dietary fiber of about 5 lettuce in this dish.

Denny's "Black Vinegar Omelet Rice"