Seijo Ishii "Premium Cheesecake Ice"
The most popular cake among all Seijo Ishii products is ice cream

The first ice cream "Premium Cheesecake Ice" from Seijo Ishii's "desica" series will be on sale from September 16th. Seijo Ishii's most popular "Seijo Ishii Homemade Premium Cheesecake" is an ice cream.

Seijo Ishii "Premium Cheesecake Ice"
No fragrances or colorings

The selling price is 349 yen (excluding tax), and the capacity is 110 ml. An ice cake with a rich cream cheese flavor, a cookie with a chewy texture, and a nice balance of raisin's moderate acidity.

Seijo Ishii "Premium Cheesecake Ice"
It seems that it was developed with the hint of an arrangement to freeze and eat premium cheesecake.

The premium cheesecake that is the basis of the ice cake is the most popular among all the products that Seijo Ishii can handle. A simple and naturally sweet sponge cake made with streusel, a cheese dough with raisins and almonds added to a cream cheese base, and a crispy almond poodle made from powdered almonds. The topping "Streusel" is put on it and baked.

There was a voice from before that this premium cheesecake was delicious when frozen, so he said he made it an ice cake this time.

Seijo Ishii "Premium Cheesecake Ice"
A lot of "Streusel" style cookies on the top

Ice cream is particular about the amount of cream cheese, and the mixing ratio is increased as much as possible, making it closer to cake. The cookies are Streusel-like, and the almond poodle blending ratio is devised to bring out the flavor and richness of almonds. Raisins are also topped as an accent to the taste.

It will be sold at 66 Seijo Ishii stores, mainly in the Kanto region, and the online shop "Seijo", which handle frozen foods, and will be gradually expanded to wholesalers.