McDonald's burger
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With the consumption tax hike on October 1, hamburger chains are also announcing new pricing one after another. McDonald's has decided to unify the "tax-included price" as before.

● McDonald's
about 70% of the product, the current tax price for both eat-in, take-out will be deferred. In other words, for eat-in, the tax-excluded price will be reduced, and for take-out, the current tax-excluded price will be maintained to maintain the tax-included price. On the other hand, the tax-included price of the remaining 30% of products, including "hamburgers" and "cheeseburgers," will be increased by 10 yen. All listed prices include tax. * Except for some stores and home delivery services

● Lotteria
At Lotteria, the displayed price has been changed from tax-included to tax-excluded, and only the tax-excluded price is shown on the menu. The tax-included price changes between eat-in and take-out.

In the case of eat-in, the list price (excluding tax) + 10% consumption tax. In case of take-out, the list price (excluding tax) + 8% consumption tax will be added.

● freshness in the
Freshness Burger, maintaining the current tax price by adjusting the price excluding tax. We will adopt the "same price including tax" that unifies the price to be paid for eat-in and take-out. In addition, the list price is still tax-included.

For example, in the case of "Classic Burger", eat-in is 455 yen excluding tax + 45 yen consumption tax (10%). Take-out is 463 yen excluding tax + consumption tax 37 yen (8%). The amount to be paid in both cases is 500 yen (tax included).