Suipara "Shine Muscat / Kyoho All-You-Can-Eat"
In the fall of appetite

At each Sweets Paradise store (excluding some stores), "Shine Muscat / Kyoho All-You-Can-Eat" will be held from September 13th to mid-November. The fee is 1,980 yen for adults and 1,540 yen for children (both including tax), and the time limit is 100 minutes.

All-you-can-eat "Shine Muscat", which is popular as a high-class grape that can be eaten with its skin without seeds, and "Kyoho", the king of grapes, as well as original sweets and drinks using Kyoho, and a special menu "Shine Muscat Kyoho Pafe" (Additional charge required) ”etc. are lineups.

The lineup of the original menu is as follows.

・ Grape Daifuku Daifuku skin is kneaded with grape puree and stuffed with cream.

Sweets Paradise "Grape Daifuku"

・ Kyoho Jelly A jelly containing grape pulp is crashed and topped with grape pulp.

Sweets Paradise "Kyoho Jelly"

・ Grape balloon sorbet A sorbet made from grape pulp is inside the balloon. It is finished in a sorbet that looks like a grape grain and has a large appearance.

Sweets Paradise "Grape Balloon Sherbet"

・ Flavor water A refreshing drink with the flavor of Kyoho grapes.

Sweets Paradise "Flavor Water Kyoho"

* Price may be revised after October 1st. * Sales on that day may be canceled depending on the purchase situation.