Craft beer "I beer, you beer. John on the roof"

"Boku Beer, Kimi Beer. Rooftop John" will be on sale in limited quantities on October 22 at Lawson, Natural Lawson, and Poplar liquor stores. The official beer restaurant "YONA YONA BEER WORKS" will be available in advance from September 30th. It comes in 350 ml and costs 294 yen (tax included). Alcohol content is 5%.

The original craft beer series "Boku Beer, Kimi Beer", which has been on sale since 2014 and was jointly developed by Yo-Ho Brewing and Lawson. 』. We have developed a craft beer with a unique taste and aroma that overturns the image of the younger generation that "beer is the drink of the uncle generation" and provides a new beer experience to the younger generation who are said to be "beer away". I am aiming to do it.

The new product "Boku Beer, Kimi Beer. Rooftop John" is a craft beer that uses Belgian yeast and has a fruity scent reminiscent of melon or lemon, with the scent of hops and the scent derived from yeast harmonizing.

The beer style (type of beer) called "Berjan Pale Ale" is a traditional style that has been made since the mid-1700s, and this time it mainly uses American hops called "Cashmere". It is finished in a unique craft beer with a different impression from Belgian Pale Ale.

It features a fruity scent that harmonizes the scent of hops with the scent derived from Belgian yeast. In order to make the hop aroma more pronounced, the yeast fermentation temperature is intentionally lowered to suppress the production of esters (sweet aromas like ripe fruits produced by ale yeast). It is recommended to enjoy it refreshingly with refreshing dishes such as seafood carpaccio.