Teddy's Bigger Burger "Mochimochi Tapioca Burger"
What is this worrisome

"Teddy's Bigger Burger", which has won the Best Burger Award for 18 consecutive years, is limited to the Harajuku Omotesando store, and "Mochimochi Tapioca Burger" is on sale for a limited time. The price is 880 yen for a single item and 1,180 yen for a whipped potato (excluding tax).

The sticky tapioca burger is a menu of large tapioca sandwiched in homemade fluffy buns with whipped cream and strawberries. A new sensation is realized with the refreshing acidity of tapioca and strawberries, which are chewy and fluffy cream with a modest sweetness. We also recommend a set with "whipped potatoes" that have a lot of deep-rooted fans.

If you like tapioca, don't miss it !? Teddy's Bigger Burger's "Tapioca Burger". Why don't you enjoy the surprising collaboration between Tapioca and Burger?