McDonald's "McShake Kyoho"
The perfect flavor for midsummer

The seasonal dessert drink menu "McShake Kyoho" had started at McDonald's, so I drank it. A soft-serve ice cream McShake combined with grape flavor, a rich sweetness and a cool, soft mouthfeel.

McDonald's "McShake Kyoho"
Light purplish cream

The price is 120 yen for S size (tax included, same below) and 200 yen for M size. Calories are 189 kcal in S size. This time I will choose S size. Even with a small cup, the shake that has been poured to the edge is enough to drink. When I opened the lid and scooped it with a straw, the crunchy ice became one with the thick cream, and it became heavy in the hand holding the straw. You can eat it with a spoon.

McDonald's "McShake Kyoho"
The softness that is typical of McShake. You can eat it with a spoon

The liquid color purple is fluffy, and the image of Kyoho is not so strong. With a straw, the creaminess of the shake spreads to the tongue at first, but later the flavor of the fruit comes out to the nose. The sweetness seems to be deeper than the usual shake, probably because of the scent of grapes.

There is almost no sourness, and if you pay close attention, you will feel a slight aftertaste. It's easy to drink and it's a perfect shake to cool off in the middle of summer.