Godiva "Chocolate Dark Chocolate Ubati"
Pairing "Uva" tea with dark chocolate

I have been drinking Godiva's chocolate drink "Chocolate Dark Chocolate Ubati". Rich dark chocolate and rich "Uva" black tea are in harmony with each other. The price is 650 yen (tax included).

This is the second in the "Tea Magic" series, which combines tea and chocolate, and will be a limited flavor until the end of August. Sri Lanka's proud "Ceylon tea" is sometimes advertised as "the world's three largest black teas" along with Darjeeling in India and Keemun in China. It has a unique aroma and astringency that goes well with milk tea as well as straight tea. Is popular.

Godiva "Chocolate Dark Chocolate Ubati"
Dark chocolate drink with plenty of Uva powder

This time, Uva is powdered and combined with Godiva's rich dark chocolate that is as good as the rich taste. Uva powder is also placed on the white whipped cream on top, so you can enjoy the flavor of Uva from the first bite to the end.

When I drank it, the taste of dark chocolate was overwhelming at first, and honestly I do not know where the flavor of black tea is. However, when I roll it on my tongue, the scent of Uva gradually increases, and this time it feels so rich that it drives the aftertaste of chocolate somewhere.

Uva powder mixed with drinks has the taste of finely crushed black tea leaves. If you've ever eaten cookies or chiffon cakes mixed with black tea leaves, or put tea leaves directly in your mouth, you'll think "it tastes!".

Godiva "Chocolate Dark Chocolate Ubati"
Uva powder for whipped cream. Feels like eating milk tea

Also, since the whipped cream has no chocolate taste, you can enjoy the individuality of Uva straight. It has a soft and light mouthfeel and gives the impression of a milk tea made of cream. It's a fun cup for both tea lovers and chocolate lovers.