Lawson "Devil's Coffee"

"Devil's Coffee" (178 yen including tax) is now available from the "Devil's" series sold one after another at Lawson. I was curious about this coffee, which pursued "fat", "sugar" and "caffeine amount", so I drank it!

● "Too sweet senryu" on the package

In addition to "too sweet as a summer vacation homework plan", several patterns of "too sweet condensed milk senryu" are written on the package. This time, I picked up a "slider that floated high after driving in" in the season.

Lawson "Devil's Coffee"

Also, when I tried to drink it, the lid said, "It's sweeter than you thought a few years ago." For some reason ... I was a little irritated ...

Lawson "Devil's Coffee"
Because I remember ...

● What is the taste?

When I drank the devil's coffee labeled "Beware of addiction !!" ...

Lawson "Devil's Coffee"
As expected

Hmm! Delicious. Or rather, everything is insanely dark! The coffee is deep roasted and has a strong bitterness and richness, and has a strong aroma. And the melting sweetness of the fully injected condensed milk leaves a lingering finish on the tongue and throat for a while after swallowing. Not only the sweetness of condensed milk, but also the strength of coffee that is comparable to that! So I didn't feel too sweet.

Lawson "Devil's Coffee"
It's so dark that you can wake up ...!

● What are the calories?

I think that the calories are high because it is a devil, but it is a surprisingly small number of 164 kcal per bottle. It was a coffee that I could enjoy without feeling guilty than I expected. However, it contains milk fat and sugar, and I feel hungry, so I personally think it's a good idea to drink it instead of breakfast or snacks.

If you notice it, you will continue to take a bite, another bite ... so please be careful!