Kyobashi Senbiya Ice & Sherbet

"Kyobashi Senbiya", a fruit specialty store. In addition to carefully selected fruits, sweets made with plenty of fruits and " ultimate jam " are on sale.

Introducing this time is ice cream and sorbet. It comes in a luxurious package with a black cup and a lid with a color reminiscent of each fruit.

Kyobashi Senbiya Ice & Sherbet


A dish made with skillful techniques using ripe bananas that change color easily. The type is ice milk. The price is 486 yen (tax included, same below).

Kyobashi Senbiya's banana ice cream

The mouthfeel is very smooth. After melting with the heat of the tongue, a chewy texture like a ripe banana remains. An authentic school with a tropical scent, strong sweetness, and even a slight bitterness reminiscent of banana streaks.

Banana ice cream from Kyobashi Senbiya
The place where it melted a little is the best


A dish using milk, strawberry puree, and frozen strawberries. The type is ice milk. The price is 486 yen.

Kyobashi Senbiya's strawberry ice cream

The image of the taste is kin and chilled high-class strawberry milk. The deep richness and the fresh sweetness of strawberries are blended together. In the melting ice cream, the flesh that claims to be bubble wrap is a good accent.

Kyobashi Senbiya's strawberry ice cream
Do you know the strawberry grains?


Luxury use of the highest quality melons from Shizuoka. A perfect balance of ripe melons and young melons. By type, ice cream. The price is 486 yen.

Kyobashi Senbiya's melon sorbet

The crispy texture unique to sorbet. The mellow sweetness that is typical of melon spreads throughout your mouth. You can feel the savory flavor of eating the flesh near the skin, and feel like you are fully enjoying the melon.

Kyobashi Senbiya's melon sorbet
Very luxurious

In addition to the three types reviewed, we also have a lineup of vanilla and matcha for ice cream, and raspberries and oranges for sorbet. It would be fun to buy various flavors and eat and compare them together.