Becker's "Special The Cheese Fall Burger"
"Special The Cheese Fall Burger" with cheddar cheese waterfall

Two new types of hamburgers using buns baked in the store have appeared at the cafe "Becker's" that operates at JR Station Naka, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. "Special The Cheese Fall Burger" with a waterfall of melted cheddar cheese, and the affordable "~ Chili oil scent ~ Zaku Zaku RED Spice Roast Chicken Sandwich".

The price of "Special The Cheese Fall Burger" is 690 yen (tax included, same below). A cheeseburger with a melted cheddar cheese waterfall flowing from a mountain of onions seasoned with chili beans and spicy tomato sauce. Jalapeno sauce is also mixed with cheddar cheese, giving it a delicious and slightly spicy accent.

Becker's "-Chili oil scent-Crispy RED spice roast chicken sandwich"
"-Chili oil scent-Crispy RED spice roast chicken sandwich"

On the other hand, "~ chili oil scent ~ crispy RED spice roast chicken sandwich" is 330 yen for single chicken and 440 yen for double chicken. A spicy sandwich with spices such as pepper, garlic, onion, peanuts, cumin, and Chinese pepper (Fajao) that are crispy and placed on roast chicken for a pleasant texture.

All stores are Beckers "Akabane store" "Atre Ofuna store" "Iidabashi east exit store" "Omiya store" "Kashiwa store" "Kashiwa west exit store" "Nishi Funabashi store" "Higashi Omiya store" "Fujisawa store" "Hotel Mets Yokohama" Tsurumi store, Maihama store, Musashi Kosugi store, Musashi Mizonokuchi store, 13 stores in total. In addition to this, the special The Cheese Fall Burger will also be sold at the "Ikebukuro East Exit Store" and "Tamachi Store" of "R. Becker's", which has a rich rice menu and evening menu.