Moomin stand "Moomin's Day" commemorative drink
Celebrate Moomin Day (c) Moomin Characters

Frozen drinks for a limited time are on sale at the Moomin stand in connection with "Moomin's Day". There are two types, "Moomin Shuwashuwa" Calpis "Frozen" with plenty of Calpis and "Snork's Grandpa Shuwashuwa Pine Frozen" with a summery pine flavor.

Since August 9th, the birthday of the author Tove Jansson, was announced in 2005 by Moomin's official website, we want more people to know about Moomin every year. In the end, various Moomins are open. The Moomin stand will also sell special drinks for this anniversary.

Moomin Day Celebration Drink
Moomin Shuwa Shuwa "Calpis" Frozen (c) Moomin Characters

Moomin's Hi Celebration Drink
"Snork's Grandpa Pine Frozen" (c) Moomin Characters

The two types that appeared this time are both priced at 1,000 yen (excluding tax). Marshmallows in the shape of Moomin and snork grandfathers are fluffy floating on the carbonated ice, and the bottom of the cup contains the berry-flavored "Nyoro Nyoro no Tane".

"Hattifattener" that appears in Moomin is a creature born from "glossy white little rape". The chewy and plump jelly is reproduced with tapioca material, and the sweet and sour berry flavor, which is also a Finnish specialty, is added. As a bonus, there is also a "Nyoro Nyoro Straw" in the shape of Nyoro Nyoro. You can take it home and enjoy it by attaching the hattifattener part to a pen or the like.