Summary of "Sacre" flavor lineup
Summer means Sacre! (All images are sourced from the official website)

Lineup of "Sacré" Flavors

Speaking of delicious summer ice cream cups, Futaba Foods' ice cream "Saclay" is one of them! There's nothing like lemon ice cream to soak up a thirsty throat, is there?

So, we've compiled a list of all the "SACRE" flavors available at the time of this writing! Even if you think you know what they are, check them out just in case!

Sakure Lemon

Summary of "Sacre" flavor lineup

When you think of Sakure, you think of this! Refreshing and refreshing lemon-flavored shaved ice with sliced lemon on top.

Sacré Mango

Summary of "Sacre" flavor lineup

Crunchy shaved ice with alphonso mango juice. 6% mango juice and pulp are added.

Sacré White Peach

Summary of "Sacre" flavor lineup

A white peach-flavored sakre made with crispy ice cubes and a generous amount of diced white peach pulp mixed in. You can enjoy the natural sweetness and freshness of white peaches.

Sacré azuki bean

Summary of "Sacre" flavor lineup

Refreshing grated ice mixed with a generous amount of large, soft, densely-pickled azuki beans. It is a Japanese style sakure.

Sacre Range

Summary of "Sacre" flavor lineup

Contains 22% orange juice and pulp. Juicy orange shaved ice with mandarin orange pulp mixed right in.

Sacré Tomato

Summary of "Sacre" flavor lineup

Tomato-flavored sakre with 20% tomato juice. It is said that you can enjoy the freshness and ripeness of tomatoes as if you were drinking tomato juice. Sliced lemon is added.

Sacré Melon

Summary of "Sacre" flavor lineup

Melon flavor released this year (2019). Containing 5% melon juice and pulp, it has a mellow aroma and juicy sweetness.

Sacre Sweets + (Plus)

In addition, the slightly richer "Saclay Sweets + (Plus)" series is also available. The lineup includes "Rum Raisin," "Chocolate," "Strawberry Milk," and "Green Tea. If you can't find them in stores, check out Futaba Foods' online store!